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FACES "Curriculum"

Language Arts


Social Studies

LA Introduction SCI Introduction SS Introduction
Table of Contents Animal Life Community Services
Learning Objectives and Activities Body Parts Family Life
Literacy Levels Calendar Geography
Assessment Clothing Care Government
PreEmergent and Print Awareness


Personal Behavior

PreEmergent Writing Meal Preparation Personal Business
Emergent Listening Speaking Plant Life Recreation Leisure
Emergent Reading and Print Awareness Temperature Restaurant
Emergent Writing Portfolio Shopping
Experimenting Listening Speaking Socialization
Experimenting Reading and Print Awareness Transportation
Experimenting Writing Portfolio
Novice Listening Speaking
Novice Reading and Print Awareness
Novice Writing
Conventional Listening Speaking
Conventional Reading and Print Awareness
Conventional Writing
Cross Reference with other subjects



Personal Health

Math Introduction Vocational Introduction Health Introduction
Money - Elementary Career Awareness Dressing Skills
Money - Middle School Food Services Ecology
Money - High School Home Industry Feeding Skills
Computation - all grades Horticulture Grooming
Measurement - all grades Housekeeping Human Growth and Development
Numeration - all grades Janitorial Nutrition
Time - all grades Job Procurement Safety
Tools: blank time grid Work Behavior Self Awareness
Tools: digital clock template Work Skills - Preparatory Toileting Skills
Tools: measuring cups Portfolio Wellness
Tools: number line 0-9 Portfolio
Tools: numberation grid 1-10
Tools: numeration grid blank
Tools: 15% and 20% tip chart

Supporting Documents

Cover Introduction Module Assembly Instructions Module Spine Labels
Video Permission Slip Elective Interview Form Overall Progress Notes
Secondary Transition Questionnaire
Last Modified on June 29, 2017
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